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以**的品質、價值和服務滿足客戶的需求  善用資源,薄利多銷   創造速度與成本優勢Outstanding quality, value and service to serve customer Fully use the resource for high sales volume with low profitTo create high speed and cost advantages

尊重多元,建立共識,塑造有效工作環境    人盡其才,發揮潛力,追求*大的集體創造力   自動自發,自我激勵   尊重社會和自然環境 Respect for diversity and build consensus to shape an effective work environment   Make full use of the talent and tap the whole potential to enhance the collaborative creativity  self-motivated, self-encouraged  Respect for the society and nature.

不斷發展**的附加價值   勇于丟棄過時的優勢,建立未來的優勢   自主的財務管理,多樣化的幣種結算方式   精簡而有效的組織Constantly create new added valu  Discard the out-dated style and establish new age  The independent Financial Management ,Flexible payment options for diverse currency   Streamlined and effective organization

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